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Hi, I am Yuantai, and I am the Happy Coach.



This was because I realized that I was not progressing any more, in terms of personal development. Everything became a routine, and I lost the motivation to improve myself and strive toward my goals.

How many of you can resonate with this?

If you can resonate with this, you are definitely not alone.
It was only when I decided to take a leap of faith, that I found true happiness and fulfillment.

This Is What I Discovered About True Happiness


I Would Love To Work With You, If You Are

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Yuantai’s raving fans!

Yuan Tai is our Facebook coach.

I love his mission to make everyone around him happy. His positivity rubs off through his coaching, as he is able to inspire others to have a positive mindset.

After I engaged him, he has managed to generate 50 leads within a month. I like his close follow up as well, to make sure that I am able to apply what I learnt.

I'm very happy to have him as our coach, and I believe with his guidance, we will achieve our goals by the end of 2019.

I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a breakthrough in business or in life.

Sean Chai,
Senior Financial Consultant with Prudential

Yuan Tai is extremely generous to share his expertise in personal branding. as a copywriter, I help companies clarify their brand messages, yet i had neglected to brand myself.

Yuan Tai guided us through a simple process to brand ourselves, and i'm INSPIRED and grateful for this experience!

Charles Yang,
Copywriter and marketer

Charles and family
Thomas Chen

Yuan Tai knows his stuff when it comes to building personal branding and social media presence. he creates actionable and systematic steps for everyone to follow through easily and effectively to establish ourselves as the thought leaders in our specialized domain.

Thomas Chen,
Financial Consultant and trainer

Before meeting Yuan Tai, I was more introverted and slightly afraid of public speaking, or more accurately, unsure of how to introduce myself. I was in a period of job transitions, having not managed to secure a long term job.

Yuan Tai is very personable, I was very encouraged when he proposed a meet up at Tea Tree Cafe. He brings focus into the discussion when he asked me to list down my skills, my weaknesses and narrow down possible employers/ companies instead of shooting everywhere aimlessly.

He is good with social media platforms, knowing what content a candidate should publish and what connections a candidate should grow in order to meet their personal branding goals. Yuan Tai is also very humble and systematic (probably from his pharmacy background) , and gives practical, easy-to-follow steps in his coaching.

I would recommend Yuan tai's coaching to individuals looking to "revamp" their image or are venturing into new opportunities. In today's modern world, social media is ubiquitous and it is important to potray oneself rightly in the virtual space.

I would also recommend Yuan Tai's coaching to businesses, small and big, who are looking to let the public know more about their offerings, services and promotions. Yuan Tai's attention to detail and long term vision is something that not every coach out there has, but is very valuable.

Operations executive with Singapore General Hospital

Yuan Tai is a professional and also a leading expert in coaching. He helps me to achieve my success and growth aspiration as an individual and company.

Before coaching by Yuan Tai. I was facing a problem in my Business Development Staff and drop in revenue by almost 30%.

I have no knowledge about what product innovation can help me to increase my revenue.

Not only the 3 sessions of coaching Yuan Tai he is very generous and patient. At a point of time where I face some unsolved problem he is always there for me.

I am thankful to have Yuantai as a coach. He is so helpful and always brings happiness to all people around us. A very big thanks to you Happy Man Yuan Tai

I would recommend Yuan Tai’s coaching to people who have no idea which direction they are heading. I would also recommend him to people who want to improve their communication, source their production and increase their revenue in a short period.

Florence Yap,
Owner of accounting firm

The one big issue I faced before getting Yuantai's Coaching is that I am unable to link between my passion for photography and selfie clips, together with my passion for Skin Care together into a coherent plan.

The one big benefit is that now my Selfie clips and scenic photography backgrounds, is getting me enquiries, that result in sales of the Skin care pdts.

I would recommend it to people who are in similar situation like me who want to put 2 different seemingly separate passions into a Coherent presentation that result in Enquiries and Sales

John Seah,
oil and gas industry

I just started my photography business, so I had trouble getting noticed.

That was until I met Yuantai. He gave me ideas on personal branding and using social media as a way to reach out to people.

I started to get noticed and was able to get enquiries about my business.

I would strongly recommend his courses to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Ho Quan Teng,
Creative Professional Photographer

Who should apply for this coaching programme?

If you are open and willing to learn how to coach yourself to be happier.

If you are looking for CLARITY in your personal life and your career.

Be happy wherever you are!

Build a strong personal brand and be recognized as the go-to person in your domain!

Why is Yuantai your best bet:

20 years of battle tested strategies on social media.

10 years providing customer service to a select group of high end customers.

Established the Happy Man Club, a helpful and happy community of more than 400 professionals and business owners.

Leading a highly engaged homeschooling community of 1,000 strong